Guards of Rhyn Development Started!

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Welcome, all!

We are starting on some groundwork for the Guards of Rhyn alpha!

Guards of Rhyn - is a comeback of in-browser gaming that offers client-end platform variety, allowing to access gaming features at any place at any time - workplace, home, hotel computer, portable devices - smartphones, tablets, and laptops. How this game differs from a thousand others is its unique combat mechanics; a dynamic game world which primarily relies on player interactions - trading, fighting, completing missions in a group - defeating a strong boss - as well as individually accomplishing independent missions advancing the storyline further; PVP and PVE elements that seamlessly spline into each other throughout the player's journey.

There are two Paths or Base Classes in the game:

  1. Warrior, who may later specialize and become a:

    • Archer (long range support unit),
    • Knight (tank unit), or a
    • Berserk (high damage support unit).
  2. Enchanter, who may later choose to become a:

    • Druid (healer, high hp support unit),
    • Necromancer (tank unit), or a
    • Battle Mage (high damage support unit).

Players will also find themselves in the midst of a world conflict between the Alliance of the Royal Thanes and the Southern Empire, one of which the player will elect to join upon character creation.

Alliance of the Royal Thanes Emblem:


Southern Empire Emblem:


Currently completed:
1. Backend (server-related) framework: authentication, player creation, character customization, etc.
2. Client-side first inital game area: Crowshatch Village with sublocations.
3. Some basic NPC AI and map movements.
4. NPC Combat System, attack and join to battle modes for NPC.

Currently in progress (in descening priority):
1. Demo Battle to feature combat mechanics.
2. Phase 2 server groundwork.
3. Matchmaker service for PVP mode.
4. Website and forums integration.

The fight is turn-based and allows up to a total of10 people & NPC's in one fight. Every player chooses to apply positive and negative effects/spells on friends and enemies that they had learned before their time runs out, then pick a spell/hit to damage the opponent and so does the opponent team.

Some details:

  • NPC like pets or creatures can be summoned into fight for assistence;
  • Summoned NPC's take all the damage that comes on the summoner before they die;
  • Potions/scrolls/healing/poisoning spells and effects can be used during the fight;
  • Depending on type of the fight, other players may join if asked for help in chat;
  • Players in the vanguard position who possess only melee skills may only attack players in the vanguard;

This type of fight mechanics is unique because it's not auto-fight as in most other games. This type of combat allows for strategizing. It doesn't necessarily mean that the person with a level higher than you wins the fight. If a player has creatures to summon, potions/scrolls for healing/damaging/stunning/etc, he is more likely to win the match. One combination of players roles/paths in a fight will dominate another combination.

I hope you stick around and try out the Demo Battle in the coming weeks!

Feel free to post questions!

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